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How to get to Kastellorizo from Kaş?

To my experience, it was one of the simplest international travel you can do while in Turkey. There is no tight airport security screening, no crowds and no hassles. You start your day in a nice Mediterranean morning in Kaş, Antalya and get to the office of Meis Express to get your ticket. The ferryboat to Greece embarks at 10 am in the morning and the return trip is a 4 pm in the afternoon if you are doing a day-trip. The return ticket is around 25 Euros and once you buy the ticket you leave your passport to the Meis Express employee which later collectively take all the passport of the day’s passenger to the Turkish custom officers. While you are having your breakfast or having a stroll in Kaş, your exit procedures are completed by the police. Once you come to board to the ferry at 10 am, the police officers shout out the names from the passports and let each passenger into the ferry after handing their passports. Make sure you have your passport stamped with “exit stamp” from the Turk’sh side, otherwise entry to Greece can be problematic. After that you wait for everyone to get their passports and settle down. Then, the ferry boat ride starts and after approximately 25 minutes later, you reach the Kastellorizo island. Here is the full footage of the boat trip that we have taken which you can expect to have:

Once you are done with your activities in the island, then it is time to return. The reverse trip will be similar to what we have taken as shown below:

Several snapshots from our trip:




Some 3D Spheres I have taken on the island (hold and move the photos with your mouse):


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