Mt. Hood Walk Up to 2915 m (9563 ft)

Let me start with the final GPS track of our walk-up:

GPS track of our walk-up

Seems so simple in the GPS track log. But in reality, it poses both physical and mental challenges to walk up to Mt. Hood. And definitely, it requires well studied planning from what to have in your backpack to what to eat before the start etc. After the attempt, I now realize that I wasn’t well prepared for the challenge. My crampons were not fitting very well and at every step my mind was preoccupied whether they would get out of my shoes or not. The glasses I brought and started using after 2500 m where not fog proof. So, with the influence of sweat and breath warmth, the glasses became foggy making me half blind. After 2500 m, the wind was strong and the weather got really cold. I didn’t have anything to cover my face and it got really cold. Eventually, I started to have headache which grew only bigger. I started to feel so sleepy and they told me that I was going through altitude sickness. Hence I needed to get down as quick as possible. I had to abort the climb. I was ~100 m away from the Hog’s Back. Hopefully, next time with better preparation I can do better than this one.


Here are some photos from that day:
Mt. Hood right before the sunset as seen from Timberline Lodge. Getting ready for the midnight walk-up.

Mount Hood as seen from Timberline Lodge

The walk-up starts around 1 am and the trail is already full of fellow hikers lighting up the trail. 

Past midnight, many people are on the route to top already

Sun is rising behind the Mt. Hood. Since we are in the south-west side, we are left in the shade. Mt. Jefferson is seen at the background.

Mt. Jefferson from Mt. Hood at sun-rise
Looking eastward, sun is slowly rising up

At 2915 m (9563 ft), altitude sickness kicks in. I have a very bad headache and drowsiness. Cannot continue further, need to turn back. This is the last point I was able to reach close to the Hog’s Back.

Many are on their way to the top. Hog’s back is within reach
Zoom up of the walls of Mt.Hood


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2 thoughts on “Mt. Hood Walk Up to 2915 m (9563 ft)

    1. Thanks, yes at that time I couldn’t go further. Last year I was able to go up further to Hog’s back. This year if we can have a chance, we will try to reach the peak. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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