On Suunto Ambit 2 – Comparison with a Physical Altitude Post

After using my good old Sony GPS-CS3KA for more than 5 years mainly for the GPS track logs and photo-tagging, I finally upgraded to a more functional gadget, namely the Suunto Ambit 2. While I wanted to keep the GPS logging alive, I also wanted to learn and record about my heart rate during long hikes (or any other sports) as well as immediate altitude and temperature info. After a little bit of research online, all fingers pointed to Suunto Ambit 2 for increased functionality and exceptional battery life for extended adventures. Hence I decided to buy one and did so recently.

So far, I was able to use Ambit 2 in several hikes (including our hike to the top of Mt. St. Helens) and bike rides and I can definitely say that GPS logs rendered by Ambit 2 are much smoother than those of the Sony GPS-CS3KA. I plan to prepare a comparative post on the GPS log performances but for now I just have the following photo where I hold the Ambit 2 next to the altitude post at the peak of King’s Mountain in the Tillamook region of Oregon. Note that the post reads 3226 feet which is equal to 983.2 meters making it 5 meters off from the Ambit 2’s reading of 988 m (in other words Ambit 2 reads 3241 ft whereas the post states 3226 feet). I cannot verify the accuracy of the post but 5 meter difference should be okay.

Edit: Approximately one month later, we were in the summit again and I had the chance to record the summit moments with a GoPro.


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