Total Field / Scattered Field (TF/SF) Implementation in FDTD

Here, the plane wave excitation using the total field / scattered field (TF/SF) formulation in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm is demonstrated. The interface between the “total” and “scattered” field regions is shown using the square box. The plane wave polarized in the -z direction (with respect to screen surface) is injected into the medium along the -y direction and then the scattering phenomena from two different scatterers (one metallic triangular wedge and another circular dielectric scatterer) are animated. The reflected wavefronts from the scatterers can explicitly be observed in the scattered field regions, whereas total field is observed within the box.

Scattering from prism, 三角柱, Prisme triangulaire, 삼각기둥,முப்பட்டகம், Триъгълна призма


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